Wall Braces

The Force Wall Brace

Wall bracesWhen pressure from soil movement begins to cause bowing walls, braces can be used to counteract the stress. The Force I-Beam Wall Braces is a patented structural tension-loaded, steel l-beam system that is designed to straighten block or concrete walls over time. The Force is recommended when wall plates cannot be used because of yard restrictions or other obstacles. Without excavation or homeowner assistance, The Force’s unique l-beam/spring-coil design supplies a constant 1000-pound force on bowing walls.

Advantages of the Force Wall Brace

  • Permanently stops failing wall foundations
  • Quick and minimally invasive installation
  • No disturbance to landscaping and yard
  • Applied from inside basement
  • Will not interfere with most framing
  • Can straighten wall over time without excavation
  • Can straighten wall immediately with excavation
  • All parts are American steel
  • Can be installed when both interior and yard access is limited

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