Foundation & Home Repair in Polk City, IA

One of the biggest issues that a homeowner can deal with is a foundation problem. If you see any signs that point to a foundation problem in your Polk City home, call us today. Iowa Home Restoration & Repair has all of the necessary home repair Polk City services to take care of foundation problems and water issues in your home.

Some of the common foundation problems you may have to deal with near Polk City, Iowa include:

  • Shifting Foundation: Usually, when the soil beneath your foundation moves, it takes the foundation along with it. Soil can move due to shrinkage if it does not get enough moisture or erosion during heavy rains. It can also settle naturally over time if it was not compacted properly. Foundation Home Repair Polk City, IATo combat this issue, we offer plate anchors. Plate anchors help pull the foundation back into place to keep foundation walls from bowing, leaning, or cracking.
  • Foundation Cracks: If the shifting or pressure from the soil outside has caused the foundation walls to crack, it may be time to install carbon fiber supports. Concrete that has cracked due to shifting or soil expansion as the ground absorbs moisture can be supported with Rhino carbon fiber supports. These supports are installed inside the foundation walls to add stability.
  • Settlement or Heaving: Fluctuations in the amount of moisture in the soil can cause the ground to shrink and expand.  This settling and heaving can cause the foundation to shift and crack. Pull the foundation back into place with ECP (Earth Contact Products) plate anchors and support the cracked walls with carbon fiber strips.

These foundation repair solutions are designed to keep your home foundation problem-free for years to come.

Basement Waterproofing and Restoration for Polk City, Iowa

Our main focus is restoring your home to its best condition. That is why we also provide basement waterproofing services. These services reduce the chances that water leakage and seepage will ruin your possessions or leave water stains on your walls. They also cut down on the likelihood of a mold problem developing in your basement or crawl space.

Basement Waterproofing Polk City, IAFirst, we put in interior drainage with a perforated drain pipe and other channels and drains. This drainage system gathers basement water and collects it in the sump pit. In the sump pit, water is stored until it reaches a certain level. Once the water level is high enough, it activates the sump pump trigger, turning on the pump. The water is then pumped out of the home by the sump pump. This leaves the home moisture free and the foundation safe from seepage. After this is complete, we can install a vapor barrier with crawl space encapsulation to keep your crawl space safe from moisture penetration.

Interior drainage and sump pump system installation are some of the ways we work to keep your Polk City, IA home safe from moisture and mold.

Home Mold Inspection and Testing in Polk City, IA

Basement water issues might show obvious signs, like flooding, puddle formation, or water stains. But they are often not that easy to spot. That is why we offer mold inspection and testing for your home. We will test for mold in your home and inspect the area to determine the severity of your basement water problem. Inspecting the home will help you take care of the basement water before it becomes a huge issue.

Contact the Iowa Home Restoration & Repair team to learn more about our home repair Polk City, Iowa services right away.

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