Foundation & Home Repair in Altoona, IA

Foundation Home Repair Altoona, IA Is your Altoona home suffering from a shifting or cracking foundation? If you see that the floor of your home is sloped, the windows and doors stick, the walls lean or bow, and there are cracks in the floor or ceiling, you may be in need of home repair Altoona, Iowa from Iowa Home Restoration & Repair. We offer foundation repair and other services that help keep your home in great shape all year long. Check your home for foundation problems or basement water to see if our services can benefit you.

Most of the time, your foundation starts to shift due to changes in the soil around or underneath it. Excess moisture, lack of moisture, and changing temperatures can all cause the soil to expand and contract, putting pressure on the concrete. This can lead to foundation cracks and shifting or heaving. If this is the case in your Altoona home, we offer both carbon fiber supports and wall plate anchors. These solutions help to pull shifted foundations back into place and close foundation cracks. Carbon fiber supports are installed inside the foundation walls to support them where they have started to crack or bow from soil pressure outside. Plate anchors are installed underground in the yard and attached to the basement wall with a rod. The rod can then be tightened to pull shifted foundation walls back into place and restore the foundation to its original position.

Basement Waterproofing and Restoration for Altoona, Iowa

Basement waterproofing is another solution that we offer to take care of problems in your home and keep you and your family healthy. Because basement water problems can lead to issues like mold growth, water damage, and flooding, it is important to have them fixed as soon as possible. Some of the solutions we provide to take care of basement water in your home include:

  • Basement Waterproofing Altoona, IAInterior Drainage: This solution is all about water collection and containment. With this method, we use a perforated drain pipe along the foundation footing to catch basement water that seeps in and runs down walls and carries it to the sump pit.
  • Sump Pump Systems: The sump pit is where the water is stored until the water level in the pit triggers the switch that turns on the Pro Series sump pump. This pump expels water from the basement to keep it far away from the foundation.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: With this solution, we are able to prevent water seepage in your crawl space. Encapsulation is the name we give to vapor barrier installation, the installation of a plastic or foil water retardant material to the interior surface of your crawl space.

These are the waterproofing services that we specialize in to keep your home safe from moisture and mold issues. This is just another home repair Altoona, IA service that we offer.

Home Mold Inspection and Testing in Altoona, IA

One of the signs of a basement water problem is mold growth in the home. However, if the mold grows inside the walls or in the crawl space or other hard to reach areas, it may not be something you can see or easily detect. Mold contributes to many health issues like asthma, irritation, or infection. That is why you should invest in mold inspection and testing from Iowa Home Restoration & Repair. We carefully search your basement for signs of mold and a moisture problem. With these services, you can keep your family safe from the dangers of mold.

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