Plate Anchors

Plate Anchors fix Bowing Walls in IowaIowa has many varying weather conditions throughout the year. These ever-changing weather conditions can lead to foundation problems in your Iowa home. If there is too much rain, the soil around your foundation can become over-saturated. This can put pressure on your foundation walls causing them to bow. If the soil around your home is too dry, this can cause the soil to shrink and cause your foundation to move. Both of these conditions can cause structural damage throughout your home.

What is a Plate Anchor?

Plate anchors are designed to stabilize and strengthen bowing or leaning foundation walls. They consist of an inside wall plate, an outside anchor and a high strength rod tying them together. The inside wall plate has two reinforcing ribs for additional stiffness, plus a 4″ square washer for added strength. The ground plate anchor is made of two high strength plates. It has four reinforcing ribs and four cleats. The wall plate and plate anchor are connected by a 3/4″ diameter threaded steel tie rod and secured with nuts.

How is a Plate Anchor Installed?

Plate anchors are a preferred choice to fix bowing and leaning foundation walls because they are a long lasting, proven solution. To install plate anchors we use the following steps:

plate-anchors1. The sod is removed around the site of the excavation around your foundation.

2. The soil is excavated from around the foundation where the bowing or leaning wall exists.

3. The soil is contained around the area to minimize the effect of the excavation in your yard.

4. A rod is driven through the foundation wall from the inside.

5. The earth plate is attached on the outside of the foundation.

6. The wall plate is attached to the inside of the wall.

7. The anchor is torqued and seated. This tightens the plate on the outside to the plate on the inside with the rod that was inserted.

8. The soil is backfilled and tamping is done. Then the sod is replaced.

Plate anchors will pull your bowing or leaning wall back to its original level and also give it strength so that it won’t bow or lean in the future.

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