Carbon Fiber

1424309259The patented Rhino Carbon Fiber supports link your home’s foundation base with the housing frame. The bi-directional support system can repair bowed foundation walls and also be used to repair other forms of foundation damage. Some of the other types of foundation problems we can fix include: large and small cracks, block foundation wall cracks, leaking cracks, and hairline cracks that crack injection failed to fix.

We Install Carbon Fiber Wall Supports For Bowing Wall Repair

This less intrusive and less expensive repair option can be installed from the inside of the basement. Once the wall supports are installed, it will be nearly invisible after painting. Carbon fiber wall supports have two huge advantages compared to other bowing wall repair products. The first is the wall supports do not take up any square footage. The second is that that the wall supports require no digging into the yard, which requires additional landscaping, dirt work, and replanting. The diagram below shows you how the Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports can be installed into your basement by our expert team.

Carbon Fiber Wall Supports Fixing Bowing Wall

We Install Carbon Fiber Straps For Foundation Corner Repair

Beams that pocket over the top of foundation walls have a tendency to crack due to the pressure and weight of the beam. To repair these types of cracks our installers can use the Rhino Carbon Fiber Straps to reinforce the wall and keep the structural damage from getting worse. The great feature of the carbon fiber straps is that they actually strengthens the wall itself. They do this be distributing the pressure horizontally to correct the damage and prevent any future damage. Just like our wall supports, the carbon fiber straps are nearly invisible after paint.

Carbon Fiber Straps For Corner Repair


The videos below give you an overview on how these two great wall repair products are installed.

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