Excess Water Effects On Basement Walls

Some people dream of a pool in their homes, but having a wet basement is more of a nightmare! A little humidity is to be expected, but excess water can damage your home and your belongings. We all know that standing water will ruin your carpet and flooring and promote mold growth. These are both costly and can negatively impact your health. But water can also impact your basement walls.

Sources Of Excess Water

water basement damageIf you are finding excess moisture in your basement, it is important to find the source of the water and how it is entering your basement. Water can come from many sources, such as a leaking pipe or rainwater, and there are just as many solutions. Your home may not have good drainage or your gutters and downspouts aren’t taking rainwater far enough away from your house. Water may run down the sides of your home’s foundation instead of being absorbed into the ground if the grading is inadequate. Water can also enter the basement through poorly designed window wells. Lastly, your basement walls may have structural cracks. This can be caused by improperly connected floor joists, soil settling unevenly and moving joints where walls meet. Iowa Home Restoration & Repair can help you will of your basement waterproofing needs.

Effects On Your Home

water damage basementSome things you may find going on around your home caused by excess water:

  • Concrete or masonry becoming chalky
  • Water coming out of walls
  • Wooden pieces rotting
  • Water stains or blisters in paint
  • Puddles or streams of water on the floor
  • Carpet being stained or ruined
  • Dampness around the base of the walls
  • Mold and mildew
  • Damp and humid air
  • Condensation on walls or floors

Mold and mildew can present serious health risks to you and your family. The list of illnesses and diseases related to mold is long and scary. Click here to learn more about black mold. Excess water can damage your walls, causing your home to have foundation problems, such as cracked or decaying supports.

Fortunately for you, Iowa Home Restoration & Repair can help you protect your home from excess water by waterproofing your basement. Our team of experts will inspect your home and give you a free estimate. We will help you determine the best solution, whether you need interior drainage, a new sump pump system or more. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your budget. Contact us today to learn more!





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