Common Foundation Problems

Iowa Home Restoration & Repair, LLC suggests that you inspect the inside and outside of your home including your foundation a few times a year. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of foundation problems so you can address them promptly. The foundation of your home is probably the most important part of your home. It holds the structure up. If the foundation fails, you could stand to be set back financially in a huge way. We can help you understand what to look for in your Iowa home. The following are all signs of foundation problems:

  • Wall CracksWall &Concrete Cracks may be a sign of foundation problems
  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Floor Cracks
  • Tile Cracks
  • Garage Column Cracks
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Doors and Windows that Stick
  • Porch or Stoop that is Pulling Away from the Home
  • Countertops Separating from Walls
  • Stairstep Cracks in Brick or Blocks
  • Water Stains on Basement Walls
  • Bowing Walls
  • Leaning Walls
  • Bulging Walls
  • Leaning or Tilting Chimneys
  • Sloping Floors
  • Foundation Cracks

Foundation Repair Solutions in Des Moines, IA

If you notice any of the problems above it is time to call the foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts at Iowa Home Restoration & Repair, LLC. We have solutions for the problems above. We install carbon fiber and plate anchors to add support for foundation walls that are bowing and leaning. We also have waterproofing solutions for your basement or crawl space as well.

You can also do a few things as a homeowner to help keep water away from your foundation. Keep gutters clear of debris, make sure that downspouts move water down and away from your home,  and make sure there is a slope in the grade as it moves away from your foundation. Water plays a huge part in the health of your foundation. If there isn’t enough, the ground around your foundation can shrink, causing a lack of support for foundation walls. The opposite is also true in that if you have too much water, it can put pressure on foundation walls causes them to bow or bulge in. Let us provide you with a free estimate on repairs to your foundation. Protect the investment you have in your home with help from the foundation repair experts at Iowa Home Restoration & Repair, LLC in Des Moines, IA.

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